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Dear Fellow Veterinarians,

We would like to make available to you for referral a comprehensive suite of minimally invasive
surgery (MIS) and flexible-endoscopic procedures in our state-of-the-art clinic
at Binjai Park.

The benefits of MIS and flexible-endoscopy for your patients include:
• Smaller or no incision     • Quicker recovery time
• Markedly reduced pain   • Less scarring
• Lower risk of infection    • Reduced blood loss

All referring veterinarians will be provided with a comprehensive report and DVD video (upon
request) of the procedure.

LAPAROSCOPIC PROCEDURES (3mm or 5mm rigid telescope and instruments)
1. Ovariectomy
2. Ovariohysterectomy
3. Ovarian remnant syndrome correction
4. Cholecystectomy – mucocoele, gall stone, cholecystitis
5. Adrenalectomy
6. Splenectomy
7. Abdominal biopsy – liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, adrenal gland, peritoneum,
lymph node, ovary, tumour
8. Cystopexy
9. Colopexy
10. Exploratory laparoscopy
11. Cryptorchidectomy

1. Gastropexy – prevention/treatment of GDV
2. Cystotomy – urolith removal and tumour laser ablation
3. Gastrotomy – foreign body, tumour resection
4. Enterotomy – foreign body, tumour resection
5. Full-thickness biopsy – stomach, intestine, bladder

1. Exploratory thoracoscopy
2. Pericardectomy
3. Lung lobectomy – tumour, torsion
4. Biopsy – lung, lymph node, pleural membrane, pericardium, mass
5. Thoracic duct ligation – chylothorax correction
6. Persistent right aortic arch correction
7. Patent ductus arteriosus correction

1. Vestibulovaginocystoscopy – biopsy, tumour laser ablation, ectopic ureter
identification and laser correction, laser lithotripsy
2. Rhinoscopy – foreign body, biopsy, flushing
3. Nephroscopy – nephrolith removal
4. Ureteroscopy – ureterolith removal, stent placement
5. Otoscopy – biopsy, foreign body removal, flushing, polyp removal, myringotomy

1. Bronchoscopy – foreign body, broncho-alveolar lavage. biopsy
2. Esophagoscopy – biopsy, foreign body
3. Gastroscopy – biopsy, foreign body
4. Duodenoscopy – biopsy
5. Urethrocystoscopy (male dog) – urethrolith/urolith removal, biopsy, tumour laser
ablation, laser lithotripsy
6. Tracheal stenting – dynamic airway disease